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Holders and senior experienced practitioners , most sophisticated medical equipment, medical service at discounted rates with a resolution of the general population lay the foundation stone of the hospital social worker on January 28, 1999 , Shri Lal Ji bit more liberal . Chordia , Bhilwara was held by the lotus feet . Sri Maha Mandal service by the Institute of Youth Services released this auspicious undertaking dated 14 December 2002 , the then Governor of Rajasthan, the lotus feet of living were married by Justice Anshumansinh .
Go to the hospital campus and Sudur Rural Institute is now nearly 210 medical camps . Are briefly as follows : - Most of the patients examined in the camps , counseling , medicines , x-ray , ECG and lens implant surgeries Natra patients have been free . For patients lodging, meals and transportation is arranged by the Institute of charge . In these camps, Jaipur , Ahmedabad , Udaipur , Visakhapatnam , Madras etc. senior specialist doctors can examine thousands of patients , counseling holders and dependents relief operation has been successful .

If patients continued medical care after release. The relief in respect of medical services to patients, yet brief description of the functions is as follows –
  • Examine patients in the hospital, consulting and operations.
  • Outdoors investigation and counseling of patients.
  • Heart disease screening, counseling camps.
  • Diabetes Medical Camp.
  • Piles surgery camps.
  • Yuroloji Nephrology medical camps.
  • Dental and skin testing and treatment of patients.
  • Testing and counseling camps for children.
  • Gestroloji camps.
  • Huge polio cooperation in surgical camps.


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Dr. M.P.Agarwal
Dr. Harish Maroo
Dr. S.N. Gupta
Dr. S.P. Sharma
Dr. Shankuntala Mehta
Dr. Vanita Jain
Dr. M.S. Mitra
Dr. B.L. Porwal
Dr. Neeraj Jain
Dr. Rahul Vyas
Dr. Shephali Sharma
Dr. Subodh Jain
Dr. Sunil Kast
Dr. Rajendra Kumar Choudhary
Dr. Susheel Sharma